The Guild's purpose is to provide and promote a forum from which its members can share their model ship building knowledge, skills and techniques, personal experiences, nautical history and any other related maritime interests that might benefit its membership. Our goal is to learn and grow in competence in pursuing the construction of ship models in an atmosphere of constructive fellowship, assistance, and active participation. And, oh yes, we have a great deal of fun while doing all this.




Our members come from all walks  of life and represent all levels of ship modeling skill from novice to expert. We meet in a friendly and informal environment at the beautiful Fort Myers Riverside Community  Center. Our round table discussions provide an opportunity for every guild member to "show and tell" their current projects, share experiences, and learn from other members. We also enjoy access to a fully tooled professional grade woodworking shop right at the at the civic center for no additional fees.



About Us

U.S. Revenue cutter Roger Taney

model by Charles Gravallese

English Pinnace

model by Ed Ries